Life After Philosophy – for all Final Year Philosophers – 3pm Thursday 13th February 2020

Every year, final year students like you are asked to fill in the National Student Survey (abbreviation
NSS, because life is short). All the information you need, as well as the survey itself are found here 

Newcastle University are opening theirs on Monday 10th February 2020, or thereabouts.

We are going to hold a session on this next week, 3pm Thursday 13th February 2020 in the Common
Room, to coincide with a housewarming party for the new building, where we’ll also talk about the
future for you third-years more generally, like the possibilities for future study (Masters degrees), CV’s, and asking us for references, and so on, since all of that will be becoming important for you now. It
will also be a time when we can talk about what might or might not be happening for the rest of this
term, too.

So, final year people, book this date in your diary for the party/talk/discussion on ‘Life After
Philosophy’ at 3pm on Thursday 13th  February in the Mary Midgley Common Room, 9th Floor of the
Henry Daysh Building, – it should only be 40 minutes or so but we can stay as long as we like


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