Events, Video, & Audio Recordings

Conferences, Workshops, and Symposia

June 2020, Philosophy Across Disciplines III, Annual Student Conference

December 2019, Philosophy and Bodies Conference

November 2019, Thinking Differently in Philosophy, Student Conference on neurodiversity

October 2019, Prof. Tina Chanter, INSIGHTS lecture (postponed due to industrial action)

June 2019, Philosophy Across Disciplines II, Student Conference

December 2018, Philosophy and the Body, Conference

September 2018, Friedrich Nietzsche Society Annual Conference

May 2018, Robert Bernasconi at Newcastle

June 2018, Philosophy Across Disciplines I, Student Conference

September 2017, Philosophical Anthropology and Contemporary Continental Philosophy

December 2016, Symposium: Intentionality and the Human

2015–16, The Difference of Philosophy. Including, ‘The Difference of Philosophy 1: Response and Responsibility. A Workshop with Judith Butler’ (Dublin), February 2015, & ‘The Difference of Philosophy 2: What is Philosophy for? A Workshop with Mary Midgley’ (Newcastle), February 2016.

Other Recordings

Tina Chanter on Implicit Bias

Tina Chanter on Kristeva

Tina Chanter on Casablanca

Lorenzo Chiesa, selected video recordings

Michael Lewis, ‘The Very Idea of a National Philosophy’ 

Michael Lewis, ‘Philosophy and Geology’, Philosophy Across Disciplines, Graduate and Undergraduate Conference, Newcastle University, 2018. 

Michael Lewis, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, ‘Response to Adrian Johnston’, The Human Animal in Politics, Science, and Psychoanalysis workshop. 

Pete Wolfendale on the Inhuman

Pete Wolfendale on Kant, Meillassoux, and Sellars

Pete Wolfendale on Technology

Pete Wolfendale on Deleuze’s metaphysics