Conferences, Workshops, Symposia, and Talks

12th May 2023, Music and the Unconscious Symposium

17th-19th August 2022, Society for European Philosophy

29th July 2022, ‘Memorialisation, Iconoclasm and Culture’: A Symposium

28th June 2022, Johanna Jacques, ‘Levinas and Captivity’

Visiting Speaker Series in Association with the Research Group in Critical Theory and Practice, begun February 2022

Autumn 2021, Thinking Differently in Philosophy

June 9th 2021 – June 10th 2021, Philosophy Across Disciplines IV

July 2020,  Tina Chanter (Newcastle Philosophy), INSIGHTS lecture

June 2020, Philosophy Across Disciplines III, Annual Student Conference

December 2019, Philosophy and Bodies Conference

November 2019, Thinking Differently in Philosophy, Student Conference on neurodiversity

June 2019, Philosophy Across Disciplines II, Student Conference

December 2018, Philosophy and the Body, Conference

September 2018, Friedrich Nietzsche Society Annual Conference

May 2018, Robert Bernasconi at Newcastle

June 2018, Philosophy Across Disciplines I, Student Conference

September 2017, Philosophical Anthropology and Contemporary Continental Philosophy

December 2016, Symposium: Intentionality and the Human

2015–16, The Difference of Philosophy. Including, ‘The Difference of Philosophy 1: Response and Responsibility. A Workshop with Judith Butler’ (Dublin), February 2015, & ‘The Difference of Philosophy 2: What is Philosophy for? A Workshop with Mary Midgley’ (Newcastle), February 2016.