Architects’ Journal Building Library

Architects’ Journal is a key journal article for the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.

We also provide access to a resource called the “AJ Buildings Library”.

The AJ Buildings Library is a digital database that showcases more than 1,900 exemplar projects, most from the last 20 years but including major projects back to 1900.

You can search for projects by age, cost, architect, building type, footprint, location, and a combination of these.

Each project featured in this digital database includes full project data (more than 20 items of information) and comprehensive architectural photographs and drawings (plans, elevation, section) – all provided at high resolution.

Drawings can be downloaded and printed out to their original scale. NB Vector pdfs and CAD files are not available for download and all copyrighted images are protected.

However you will need to register with the AJ before you can access this platform.

How to do this?

  • Access and click on the Sign in link.
  • Then click on the Register button, and fill in the form that appears. Since you are from an educational institution where the form asks for annual purchasing budget, choose “None”. Use your Newcastle email address and create a password.
  • You should receive an email indicating you have registered.
  • Then access
  • Click Sign in and use the details from the AJ to access AJ Buildings Library.



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