Westlaw trial: All Books and Practical Law

We have two enhanced Westlaw modules on trial until November 8th.

Westlaw All Books gives us access to an extra 250 law books online, covering over 50 areas of law. These include 71 loose-leaf titles.

To see the new content, access Westlaw as usual, and click on Books in the top menu.

We also have Westlaw’s Practical Law database on trial. This contains tens of thousands of practice notes, standard legal documents, commentary and checklists, again covering a wide range of areas of law. Introductory notes are provided on 29 topics, and are likely to be useful for law and non-law students alike (for example, in planning, engineering or accountancy).

Access Practical Law here.

The trials end on November 8th. Please explore them and email us your feedback, or post it as a comment below.

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