Resource in focus: FAME for company information

Why use FAME?
Use it to look for any company related information for assignments, reports or career related research.
Provided by Bureau van Dijk, FAME covers UK and Irish companies. Search for individual companies and create a peer comparison based on a range of criteria. Data in FAME includes company accounts, ratios, activities, ownership and management for the largest 1.9 million UK and Irish companies, summary information for a further 900,000 smaller businesses.

What’s new in FAME?
With a new updated interface, FAME now has integrated and much more user friendly tips and guidance via the Help menu. Embedded support while conducting a search or analysis enables you to become more familiar with how the database works.

The ‘Walk through’ function guides you through each step of your search or analysis as you are using the live system.

There are useful demo videos for each function.

If you have used FAME on the old platform and want to transfer your settings and data, use the new Migrate my data tool to do this.

To access FAME, go to our Company information guide.

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