Topic Guides: It’s all in the name!

hello my name is....During these winter months of hibernation, we haven’t only been busying ourselves with updating our subject guides, but we have also been sprucing up our topic guides as well. But what are topic guides I hear you ask?! How are they different from subject guides?

Well, while they do complement the subject guides, they differ in the sense that these guides group resources together not by subject but erm….by topic! It’s not complicated I promise, but they do neatly fall into three main types……

Type 1: These guides deal with how to find specific types of information you might need, whether that be company information, newspaper articles, standards, government publications or theses and dissertations…the list goes on.

Type 2: The second type of topic guides are those guides which have been created with a specific end product / piece of work in mind. For example, you may have been asked to create an academic poster, write a dissertation or undertake a systematic review and you might not know where to start or what these formats of work should even look like.

And last but not least……………….

Type 3: These are the guides which focus on academic skills and often include teach yourself material in the form of workbooks, quizzes and videos etc.

So what you are waiting for, go and check out our fabulously named topic guides, because they do exactly what they say on the tin!

Or if you fancy relaxing and letting us do the tour for you, why not crack open the popcorn and check out our whistle stop tour below!

Happy exploring!