New resource on trial: BAR Digital Collection

The Library has trial access to the new BAR Digital Collection – the world’s largest academic archaeology online collection – until February 19th 2021.

This provides access to over 3,400 titles from BAR’s international and British series from 1974-2019. The collection covers archaeological research, excavation reports and other important series from around the world. Publications are mostly in English, as well as some in Italian, German, French and Spanish.

You can browse or search the collection in various ways (e.g. by location, subject, period or series).

The trial ends on February 19th 2021. To help us evaluate it, please email us your feedback, or leave a reply on this blog.

One thought on “New resource on trial: BAR Digital Collection”

  1. This is really useful. While I don’t have students doing assessments right now, I am convinced that they would have used/will use this resource. This is one of the best collections of archaeological studies. It is the place that many PhDs are published. Many of the volumes are not in our library as hard copies. This year has shown that even those we have in hard copy have not been easy for students to access and it would have been great to have had this year. I think it would really help both students and staff if this was permanently accessible.

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