New resource on trial: Irish Times and Weekly Irish Times archive

The Library has trial access to the Irish Times and Weekly Irish Times archives until March 10th 2021.

This covers the full content of the titles back to their first issue: from 1859-2015 for the Irish Times, and from 1876-1958 for the Weekly Irish Times.

“From the aftermath of the Great Famine, the launch of the Titanic, and the Easter Rising of 1916, to the World Wars, the Troubles, and today’s most pressing global social issues, Ireland’s “only independent newspaper” lends its authoritative voice to local and international events alike.”

The trial ends on March 10th 2021. To help us evaluate it, please email us your feedback, or leave a reply on this blog.

You may also be interested in the Irish News Archive, to which we have permanent access.

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