Goals for Rio+20 Earth Summit

According to news reports yesterday, a document has been leaked which purports to reveal the 10 goals that world leaders are going to be asked to sign up to at this year’s Earth Summit in Brazil.

If the report (and document) is accurate, then the Summit looks set to ask leaders to agree to 10 new sustainable development goals and to promise to build green economies.

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HS2 High Speed Rail Link: A Researcher’s Perspective

The UK government has announced the approval for the construction of a newly-built high speed rail link between London and Birmingham and further to Manchester and Leeds.

A seamless link between this Y-shaped network and the existing East and West coast main lines will be included, giving the North-East access to the benefits provided by this investment.

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Is Burning Coal Underground the Future?

Newcastle University’s Professor Paul Younger debated the issue on Channel 4 News this week.

You  can see the clip and related footage via the news article on the Channel 4 website at: http://tinyurl.com/7z2ogd8 or access it directly at http://bcove.me/37vbvmgg.

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Cars are a Cheap Option

I see the motoring lobby is up to its usual tricks decrying the news that only a third of drivers’ taxes is spent on roads (Metro, Friday Dec 16).

In its comment, the AA failed to mention the widespread damage to health which results from urban traffic, or the enormous carbon pollution of the world’s atmosphere.

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