Time flies when you’re having fun!

Its the 21st already?!

I hardly know where the time has gone!

So much has happened in the last few days – here are a few worth a mention:

  • Moving into our beautiful apartment in Ipanema – it’s a hard life living right across the street from the beach!
  • Travelling to Rio Centro for the first time and being in awe of how impressive the conference centre is
  • Sitting in on the first meeting of the GSC (Global Scientific Committee)with the Planet Earth Institute; getting to grips with what the PEI is all about and being privileged to see some of the inner workings/governance of an international charity first hand
  • Cocktail reception at the Marina last night and the chance to socialise with the PEI members and guests in a less formal setting, enjoy the food and take in the amazing view of Rio from the water

And my personal favourite …  somehow getting ourselves caught up in the middle of a Presidential escort to Rio Centro and having a military squad accompany our car the whole way out of the city!

This afternoon James and I are planning to attend an Oxfam side event on inequality and sustainable development, before meeting with the rest of the PEI at their first public event.

This evening we have been invited for dinner at the Museum of Modern Art and then tomorrow is the final day of the conference… where have the days gone?

Well, you know what they say …  time flies when you’re having fun!

Claire Chisholm, BA Combined Honours

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