Busy Busy at Sao Paulo PR company! …

After coming 4th in the Rio 20+ competition, and thanks to generous sonsorship from the Newcastle University Business School, I am in Sao Paulo getting ready to start day three of work experience at Linhas Comunicacao PR company.

I am writting my blog over breakfast at my hotel with many business travelers sitting around me doing work and reading newspapers over breakfast.  This is a great insight into life as an international business professional – and I am enjoying it!

I arrived in Brazil on Sunday evening and started work with Linhas Comunicacao on Monday morning.  I was greeted by each employee with a kiss on both cheeks (the usual Brazil greeting) and made to feel very welcome.

For lunch on my first day, I was taken to one of Sao Paulo´s 80 shopping centres and this was a great opportuity to get to know my co-workers better and find out more about Sao Paulo.  Everyone I have talked to is very enthusiastic about the city and keep telling me what a great place it is to live.

I do not need to be convinced of this as I have discovered there is no place like Sao Paulo!  It is not a ´beautiful´city but the towering skyscrapers, the wide roads and the huge amount of traffic is continuing to fascinate me.  As I walk I am continously looking up at the buildings.  I do not think I can quite comprehend how large this city is!

Work at Linhas Comunicacao has been really interesting and there is lots to take in.  On Monday I was given an overview of the main clients which include the Planet Earth Institute, BBC Brazil, Rolling Stones magazine and many famous restaurants in Sao Paulo. The company also has clients that are based in London and Berlin and it has been interesting to see how meetings via Skype are used to manage projects.

On Tuesday I was assigned some of my own jobs! Given the language barrier, I did not think I would have my own projects to be involved with so this was a pleasant suprise!  I spent some time researching an island south of Sao Paulo, Ilhabela, one of Linhas Comunicacao´s clients.  My task was to recommend magazines in the UK that the island could be promoted in and to write a press release in English.

I have also been given my main project for the week now.  This is to develop a marketing plan for the Planet Earth Institute and give recommendations on how the Institute can move forward in terms of marketing.  I am looking forward to working on this more today and I will have the opportunity to present my ideas to the Marketing Co-ordinator on Friday – a great opportunity and very exciting!

Busy day ahead in the offices and time is flying here in Sao Paulo!

Henrietta Smylie
BSc Marketing

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