An update from Linhas Comunicacao, Sao Paulo!

I can´t believe how quickly the week has done!  I am just about to start my last day at Linhas Comunicacao on my trip sponsored by Newcastle University Business School.

My colleagues have been the perfect city guides throughout my stay and have made a real effort to educate me about life in Brazil.  One of the graduates at the company, Juliana, has been keen to practice her English and I had dinner with her and her university friends on the first two evenings.  I very much enjoyed this as I learnt more about university life in Sao Paulo too!

On Tuesday the office staff awaited eagerly as I tried ´Feijoada´, a Sao Paulo dish consisting of pork, rice, beans, leeks, fried pork fat (not sure about that part!) and a few other things I didn´t recognise to sprinkle over it.  It was very good!!

I have also been educated on Brazilian football – there was a big match last night and a lot of buzz around the office the whole day in anticipation of it.

On of my favorite tasks of the week was delivering new promotional packs for one of Sao Paulo´s top restaurants to journalists throughout the city.  This was a great opportunity to see a lot more of the city and again my colleague was a great guide and full of information for me.

Unfortunately, many of the journalists we had arranged to visit canceled our meeting last minute.  This was disappointing, but I was informed this happens a lot and it was a more accurate insight into life in a PR office.

One of the journalists that could meet us was from Abril, one of the largest publishing companies in Brazil with the rights to many magazines including Elle, MTV, National Geographic and many more.

The offices were as impressive as the list of magazine titles!

We met the journalist on the 30th floor of the building and the view from the office was amazing!  The meeting, conducted in English for my benefit, was brief but very interesting as the PR Co-ordinator presented the new menu for the restuarant we were promoting.

I have been working on formulating a marketing plan for the Planet Earth Institute (PEI) over the past few days and this morning I will have a meeting with the Marketing Co-ordinator to discuss my ideas.

I will give an update on how this goes – I´m looking forward to hearing what he thinks of the ideas I have come up with!

Henrietta Smylie
BSc Marketing

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