Reflections on a week in Sao Paulo

One thing that definitely does not change with culture is the ´Friday feeling´!

Upon entering the office ´Rebecca Black: It´s Friday Friday´ was being played!  A ritual that apparently happens every Friday!  But work does still continue and Friday, my final day at work, was definitely the busiest!

Fernanda, the Senior Director of Linhas Comunicacao, left for London on Tuesday night.  Before she left, I had a meeting with her to discuss the project for the Planet Earth Institute I would work on during my time here.

I was asked to draw up a marketing plan for the Planet Earth Institute that could be used in both the UK and Brazil.  I initially undertook research to bring myself up-to-date with the Planet Earth Institute’s main projects through reading past newsletters, magazines and their website.  From this I created a report outlining how the institute could make improvements to their current marketing.

Sustainability issues and the work of the Planet Eearth Institute is something I feel very passionately about and so I really enjoyed this project!  In fact, it was very closely linked to the blog I wrote for the Rio 20+ competition!  This project was right up my street!

I presented my ideas on Friday morning to five members of the Linhas Comunicacao team, including the Assistant Director, and it went extremely well!

The Assistant Director really liked some of the ideas and asked a great deal about them.

The marketing ideas discussed in the presentation included ways to promote the group during the Olympics in London, make the advertising more appealing and recommendations for the social media sites and the newsletter.

After I presented, there was an informal discussion on how the ideas would work in practice.  I have now forwarded the report to the Senior Director of Linhas Comunicaco who is currently with the Planet Earth Institute and their headquarters in London, so who knows – maybe my ideas will be passed on?

After my Planet Earth Institute pitch in the morning came the meeting I had been looking forward to all week – meeting the Rolling Stone Magazine editor at their offices!

You could definitely tell it was a music magazine office as there were magazine covers and clippings all over the walls!

In the meeting the next issue of the magazine was presented to the PR Coordinator who will now write press releases and contact journalists to get as much media coverage for the issue as possible.

The Editor of the magazine gave me a tour of the offices and introduced me to all the different teams, including editorial, marketing and sales.  He then showed me the meeting room where all the meetings with bands take place: ´crazy´ is the only way to describe this room!  Around the edge of the room there were many cardboard cut-outs including a life-sized Elvis and a guerilla!  In the middle of the room was a large glass display unit with a motorbike inside … and this was the table!

On Friday afternoon the Marketing Coordinator presented a mock pitch for one of the agency’s current marketing projects to me.  It was very interesting to see the presentation as it would delivered to the client.  All of the budgets for the project were also explained to me as well as exactly how these had been estimated.  Afterwards we had a discussion on which aspects I liked the best – but to be honest, I loved it all and was really impressed!

I can´t get over how welcoming everyone at the agency has been – I did not expect them to be my tour guides as well.  I have found the insight into the lively PR office fascinating!  I have learnt a lot, gained new international business contacts (already added on LinkedIn!!) and I very much hope to keep in contact with the staff.

I would like to thank Newcastle University Business School for sponsoring the trip and the Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability for organising it – it has been a great experience!

I would also like to thank Linhas Comunicacao for devoting so much of their time to me this week.

Etta Smylie
BSc Marketing

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