Calling all guest bloggers!

We are on the lookout for guest bloggers! We want the blog site to have a range of opinions and discussion points about sustainability-related topics, and we are particularly interested in posts that are topical; we’re not averse to controversial viewpoints, all in the interests of getting a good, healthy debate started!

We are looking for posts that could be used as either a single post or as a mini-series, so if you think you have something suitable please get in touch by e-mailing We look forward to receiving your contributions!

Electric Cars: The Final Blog Post – Sustainability of EVs and Your Questions Answered

Welcome to our final blog post on electric cars, in which we’ll be dealing with a couple of questions over the general sustainability of the vehicles, as well as getting the rest of your questions answered that we haven’t managed to get into previous weeks.

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Electric Cars: Maintenance and Repair

After a short break, we’re back to bring you our last couple of blog posts on electric cars before we take a breather over Easter. Having looked previously at the costs of ownership and whether or not EV ownership would suit your lifestyle, this week we’re turning to the other key area of expenditure: maintenance and repair. Are they more complicated (and therefore more expensive) to keep on the road? Are they more like to break down? And what would happen if they did.

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Electric Cars: Would They Suit Your Lifestyle?

In the latest of our series of blog posts on electric vehicles (EVs), we’re looking this week at the sort of considerations that will determine whether or not EV ownership will suit your own lifestyle – will it be a practical option for you, your family and the sort of journeys you’d be likely to need to make?

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Electric Cars: How Do You Keep Them Charged Up?

Welcome to the fourth in our series of blog posts on electric cars. This week, we’ll be looking at one of the key areas of concern to most people considering the switch to an electric car: charging.  How do you charge them? Where do you charge them? And are you going to be left stranded with no charge left in them?

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Electric Cars: What Are They Really Like to Drive?

Welcome to the third in our series of blog posts on electric cars. This week, we’ll be looking at what it’s like to actually drive an electric vehicle (EV) once you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy one or join a car club. Will it feel very different to cars you’ve driven in the past? Will it be better or worse? And does the image of a slow, boring electric vehicle hold true?

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