Calling all guest bloggers!

We are on the lookout for guest bloggers! We want the blog site to have a range of opinions and discussion points about sustainability-related topics, and we are particularly interested in posts that are topical; we’re not averse to controversial viewpoints, all in the interests of getting a good, healthy debate started!

We are looking for posts that could be used as either a single post or as a mini-series, so if you think you have something suitable please get in touch by e-mailing We look forward to receiving your contributions!

What would you say?

OK, so we are sending three of our students to attend the Earth Summit in person in June, and this has set us all thinking.

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Gosforth Park Proposals: a response

On behalf of the Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability, at Newcastle University, I am writing this to express complete dismay at the proposals to build some 600 houses on currently open land in the Salter’s Lane Neighbourhood Growth Area, as this land immediately adjoins Gosforth Park Nature Reserve, and as such provides essential foraging habitat for the wide range of animals that find refuge in the Reserve (for more details on the proposal, click here).

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What price new housing? Have your voice heard

Newcastle City Council is setting out its latest development plans, which they are calling their ‘One Core Strategy’, this includes a ‘Strategic Land Review’ in which they have identified potential sites for new development.

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Guest bloggers needed: come on, join in the debate!

We want this blog site to have a wide a range of opinions and discussion points on it as possible, and so are inviting you to become a guest blogger for us.

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Marine Conservation Zones: valuable environmental protection or ill-thought out bureaucracy?

With an accelerating race for marine space by energy companies, aggregates, conservationists, and fishermen etc, etc (the list is pretty long and increasing); a key question for me is how we manage all of this human activity to ensure that it is sustainable? From a fisheries perspective how do we ensure an industry that is environmentally responsible, socially fair, and economically efficient?

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