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Is Burning Coal Underground the Future?

Newcastle University’s Professor Paul Younger debated the issue on Channel 4 News this week.

You  can see the clip and related footage via the news article on the Channel 4 website at: or access it directly at

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Guest bloggers needed: come on, join in the debate!

We want this blog site to have a wide a range of opinions and discussion points on it as possible, and so are inviting you to become a guest blogger for us.

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Marine Conservation Zones: valuable environmental protection or ill-thought out bureaucracy?

With an accelerating race for marine space by energy companies, aggregates, conservationists, and fishermen etc, etc (the list is pretty long and increasing); a key question for me is how we manage all of this human activity to ensure that it is sustainable? From a fisheries perspective how do we ensure an industry that is environmentally responsible, socially fair, and economically efficient?

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