Electric Cars: The Basics!

As announced last week, today is the first of our series of blog posts bringing you the inside scoop on electric cars, EVs or Electric Vehicles: what are they like to drive, what are the costs associated with owning one, how practical is it to be an EV owner and all of the other questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to!

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Electric Cars: The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid To!

So, we’ve all heard how electric vehicles are the way of the future, and how they’re going to solve the world’s sustainability problems, haven’t we?

And yet take up on these vehicles still isn’t very widespread, probably because of a lack of reliable, real information (as opposed to manufacturer’s sales patter) on what it’s actually like to own, drive and maintain an electric car.

Well, at Newcastle University, our researchers have spent the last three years conducting a research project on electric vehicle usage, monitoring a phenomenal range of aspects of electric car ownership and usage, giving us access to an unparalleled body of data and opinion on what it’s really like to be an electric vehicle driver.

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HS2 High Speed Rail Link: A Researcher’s Perspective

The UK government has announced the approval for the construction of a newly-built high speed rail link between London and Birmingham and further to Manchester and Leeds.

A seamless link between this Y-shaped network and the existing East and West coast main lines will be included, giving the North-East access to the benefits provided by this investment.

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Cars are a Cheap Option

I see the motoring lobby is up to its usual tricks decrying the news that only a third of drivers’ taxes is spent on roads (Metro, Friday Dec 16).

In its comment, the AA failed to mention the widespread damage to health which results from urban traffic, or the enormous carbon pollution of the world’s atmosphere.

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