Back after a break

F1s who started work in August will now be well-established in their jobs, and so after a gap in data collection, we are getting ready for the final phases of the project. In the meantime we have been carrying out some of the early analysis and sharing findings with the GMC. We can’t share those results publicly yet, but there are some really interesting findings.

We received a great response from nearly 600 new F1s to the questionnaire in August. The follow up questionnaire is being distributed from 28th September and will be open for 10 days or so. This will allow us to see whether the experience and wellbeing of F1s has changed across the first two months of work, and whether this is different for those who had undertaken an FiY1 post and those who had not.

We also had a lot of interest in taking part in research interviews, with over 300 volunteering. Unfortunately we can’t interview everyone, so will be selecting a sample, to represent different demographic groups and areas of the country. Those individuals should be getting an email in the next week or so.

In coming weeks we’ll be posting some background to the things we’ve been capturing in the questionnaires.