Happy Chinese New Year!

å…” å¹´ 好 運 一 條 龍 – Best of luck in the year of rabbit
財 富 健 康 笑 寬 容 – Fortune, health and happiness are with you

This is the Year of Rabbit. But in terms of the mother economy this is another year (or ear ?) of cuts.
Can we be happy with both?
Why not. Would you like my (silly) pun for a dinner cracker:
Q: “Do Rabbits like to look well?”
A: “Yes, they go for a hare-cut?”

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  1. Sorry for messing with the characters – I meant to boast with the New Year Greetings and Wishes in Chinese … in that case, I suggest you simply imagine them … Apologies! and enjoy your happy Chinese meal tonight …

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