On Hall Effect from the Energy Current viewpoint

People often talk about Hall effect as being an artefact of the interaction of the flow of electrons (aka electric current) in a metal plate with an external magnetic field, which causes (as an effect of Lorentz force) a potential difference created between the longitidal sides of the plate.

See for example, this site for the description of the Hall Effect:


I have had a look at the Hall effect and tried to scribble some rough picture in terms of Energy Current.

The story requires 3 dimensions x-y-z, and it is clear that the superposition of energy currents caused by the battery (where we don’t see the H aspect), and magnet (where we don’t see E) aspect, ends up in the cumulative energy current moving in the direction xy, while H is pointed in yz and E in xz, so no wonder that its projection on z is non-zero (this is the potential difference that is measured between plates 2).

The same effect is when the boat is moving from the wind, part of which is tangential, or plane lifts up despite the initial equilibrium between its weight and the counteraction of the ground.

The trick is to create a superposition and turn the direction of the field by ‘blowing’ perpendicular energy current.

All these effects like Hall’s are just special cases of contrapuntal effects on the field from superposition of different energy currents.

As usual Occam’s razor wins!

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