My research paper analysing REF2014 impact case studies

Writing impact case studies: A comparative study of high-scoring and low-scoring case studies from REF2014

As we get into the phase in the REF cycle where impact case studies need to take shape, I am delighted that my research on REF2014 with Mark Reed and colleagues is finally published. You can read the full article here:

Writing impact case studies – A comparative study of high-scoring and low-scoring case studies from REF2014

A summary of the findings is available on Mark’s blog and will also be presented by Alisha Peart at the upcoming ARMA conference, so please find our poster and say Hello.

To help you make the most of the article, we have created some resources. Below you can find some of the most important tables from the article as separate PDFs, ready to print and keep handy during writing or to use in conversations with authors:

Mark and I have also recorded a series of podcast episodes. The first two are essentially a reading of the paper, so if you would like to read the details and listen at the same time, or listen to the paper and then check a few things, please listen here and here. The third one is a bonus episode where we reflect on how the research is directly helping us to prepare or improve case studies for REF2021. If you are looking for an edit of how our research feeds into practice, this is the episode for you.

For those who would appreciate a more interactive approach, we have scheduled a Webinar where we will highlight the most important finding and are ready to answer your questions. Please tune in here at 10-11am on Tuesday 17th March. The recording will then be made available here.

Further resources for REF2021 can be found here, where you can also read about Mark’s REF Impact masterclass webinar and training.

And if you would like to find out more about my case study review service, please see here: