Impact Case Study Reviews

I am offering consultancy services around research impact, drawing on my research with Prof Mark Reed – see here for our paper – and on my experience as academic writing professional and copy-editor for academic publishers.

From mid-2021, I will be available for further impact-related consultancy, so please do get in touch if you think you could benefit from an external eye on your impact plans at any stage of development, or even just ideas!

For case study reviews, choose from the following packages:

Basic Review

  • Detailed annotations on case study, including on content, structure and wording (depending on stage in the drafting process)
  • Summary report highlighting particular strengths and weaknesses of each case study
  • Specific actions that could be taken to better evidence and narrate significance and reach
  • Feedback to case study authors is communicated via email and they can discuss the feedback further with me via email

Review and Follow-up 

  • Written feedback (see basic package)
  • Verbal feedback on first draft via a Skype/Zoom call (30- 40 mins)
  • Option for authors to discuss case studies via email throughout the process

Shaping the narrative

  • This is where I get more involved in un-picking the case study and suggesting how it could be framed, amounting to a heavy edit / rewrite
  • At least 2 calls to discuss the impact and narrative
  • Action plan with list of evidence needed
  • We can agree on details on a case by case basis

All case studies and feedback will be kept confidential.

Previous clients have found my reviews “hugely helpful”, having received “excellent feedback”.

“Bella has been incredibly helpful in reviewing our draft impact case studies and has provided us with extensive and constructive feedback. Her professional eye for presentation and narrative has been key to improve our case studies.”

“I had a quick look through and the feedback looks great – very practical and actionable which is just what we need!”

“Working with Bella really moved our case studies forward. Her objective eye and helpful suggestions gave us all renewed confidence”

One Impact officer commented that they found it “reassuring that you have some of the same concerns that I have – hopefully this will help the message get through to some of our case study leads!”

If this resonates with you:

To discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch.