Do you have a story to tell us?

We received this lovely email from Shona Thomas, Curatorial Assistant at Tyne and Wear Archive and Museums this morning. Thank you Shona! We’re so glad you enjoyed the exhibition (and the pinboard) and could tell us more about the city… Lots of people have been telling us what is special about the city – and what needs protecting. It has been a really eye opening few days…
“I really enjoyed my visit this morning and have told everyone else how good your exhibition is!
I just thought I’d tell you where I stuck my pin: the medieval gatehouse of St Bartholomew’s Nunnery, now better known to folk who never look above the shopfronts as Yummies kebab shop. Back in the day, when Newgate Street was lined with the gable ends of thatched houses, the lane from the gatehouse led into the nuns’ orchard, with views across the fields to the Greyfriars’ monastery near Pilgrim Street…
Anyway, well done you and the team!”

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