NCL Internship Opportunities for SAgE Students

NCL Internships

NCL Internships are open to all current Newcastle University students and provide a unique opportunity to gain valuable graduate level work experience alongside your course.

Opportunities are advertised throughout the year and you find all current vacancies on My Career by searching ‘NCL Internship’

The following NCL Internships are advertising on MyCareer right now:

NCL Internship – Engineering Intern – Boyd Technologies Ashington UK Ltd

Closing date: 30/10/2023

Duration: This internship will run for 100 hours undertaken flexibly around your course. You will attend business premises.

Bursary/wage: £1,250 Bursary

For more information and to apply, visit MyCareer (link).

The intern will be positioned within the Engineering team in the UK facility, supporting the development of thermal components, thermal tests, equipment development and production support. The intern will be receive broad experience working with different departments within Boyd to help realise the engineering projects.

NCL Internship – Web Developer – Sound Mind and Body

Closing date: 06/11/2023

Duration: This internship is for 50 hours, undertaken flexibly around your course, from our gym in Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Bursary/wage: £625 Bursary

For more information and to apply, visit MyCareer (link).

We are looking for an intern to overhaul our website and internet presence. The website is outdated and needs some urgent attention from someone that is creative and passionate about what is possible. The successful candidate will research, design, and implement technical specifications for projects based on user requirements.

Employer Connect: Analytical Student Placements with the Government Operational Research Service

In this session employers from the Government Operational Research Service will outline what Operational Research is, how Operational Research fits into the civil service, the benefits to a GORS placement and hints/tips to the application process. There will be time following the presentation for Q&A with the presenter/s who will be Operational Researchers currently working in government.

  • Date: October 19, 2023
  • Time: 13:15-14:00
  • Where: L1.26, Kings Gate Building, Newcastle University

For more information click here.

Employer Connect: A Guide to Morrisons Graduate Schemes

Gain a unique insight into what makes a leading retail business run smoothly, from the people on the shop floors and those coordinating products throughout the UK, to the people making big decisions and those analysing data behind everything they do. Join Morrisons and find out how you can grow your career with their variety of Graduate Schemes. Learn more about each the application process and what’s involved. Take the opportunity to ask any burning questions you might have to get a true insight into who Morrisons are as an employer, and whether their schemes are the perfect fit for you.

  • Date: Tuesday 24th October
  • Time: 13:15-13:45
  • Where: L1.26, Kings Gate Building, Newcastle University


Employer Connect: Getting started with your UK job search with Student Circus – for international students

Student Circus is a job-readiness platform for international students, with pre-filtered job opportunities that fit their needs as well as aspirations. This event will focus on providing information around simplifying the job search for international students in the UK.

  • When: 13:00-15:00, October 23 2023
  • Where: This is an online event. 

For more information and the link to join the event please click here.

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A day in the life of a placement student in cyber security

Hi, I’m Maisie, a computer science student at Newcastle University. Last year I did a placement, working as a researcher at a cyber security company. This is a typical day in my life working remotely at the company.


I’d usually get up at this time and get ready for the day. My placement was remote so I didn’t have to get up too early!


At 9am, I’d start work for the day. I’d log on to my VM and Microsoft Teams as well as the other applications I needed for work. I’d then check my email and Teams, to check if I had any meetings that day as well as reply back to any messages.

After this, I would decide on what projects I wanted to work on for the day. I usually had a couple of projects on the go, so would decide on whichever was most urgent or relevant to research I had found. I would get up my code for that project and figure out what needed to be done. I would then write up my to do list for the day with the most important tasks to be completed.


After setting myself up for a good day, I would then start working. Usually I spent some time researching different libraries and new technologies that we could use to improve a project or solve a particular problem. I would spend some time reading the formal documentation, finding out about the technology, and ensuring it was suitable for projects.


At this time, I would usually have my morning call with my manager. I would talk through what I had been up to and the research I had found. Then I’d let him know my plans for the day and we’d discuss any new ideas for projects. If needed, he would also help me with any programming problems I had run into the previous day and give suggestions for possible solutions.

Sometimes I would be asked to quickly build small projects for other team members, such as test harnesses for other technologies created by the company. We would talk through the requirements of the program and I would prioritise completing that during the day.


Next I’d go downstairs and have a quick coffee break and say hello to my dog Ralph.


At this time, I was most productive after coffee! Usually I would start programming and getting most of my to-do completed for the day. I would try out the new technologies I had researched, using them to solve problems I had with my project.

If I had a project to create for a team member, I might also have a call with them at this time to learn more about the project requirements or to demonstrate how the project worked so far.


Then it was time for lunch!


In the afternoon, I would sometimes work on building demonstrations to show how new technologies could be used to benefit the company. This would usually involve building some test code to demonstrate how the technology worked. I would then record it and put together a demonstration video that could be shown to the sales team and higher management.


If I had time, I liked to end the day cleaning up my code and adding comments to make it more readable for others. This was an easy task to end the day, and would make it easier the next day to pick up from where I had left off.


I would usually have another quick call with my manager before the end of the day. I would talk through what I had achieved in the day and show him any code or demonstrations I had created. He would also help resolve any programming problems I had during the day.


The end of the work day, thanks for spending it with me!

NCL Internships

NCL Internship: Marine Summer School Teaching Assistant, Newcastle University

Closing date: 09/04/2023

Duration: There are four internships available and each is expected to be available for a total of 175 hours, working approximately 35 hours per week between 24 July and 2 September.  

Bursary/wage: £16.21 per hour

For more information and to apply, visit MyCareer (link).

The Summers Schools are designed to inspire school pupils to get engaged with the natural environment, to become comfortable with science, and to consider university study in the future. You will be an important role model for your young charges, and will develop valuable leadership skills for your CV. We are looking for a team of students that complement each other in their experience and their skills. The internship is open to all Newcastle University students studying Biology, Ecology, Marine Science, Environmental Science or related subjects. Successful applicants will be expected to undergo a DBS check for suitability to work with young children.

NCL Internship: Website Developer, Newcastle University

Closing date: 13/03/2023

Duration: There are two internships available and each is expected to be for a total of 70 hours, working approximately 20 hours per week between March and July. 

Bursary/wage: £12.56 per hour

For more information and to apply, visit MyCareer (link).

The interns will co-develop research webpages to represent three research groups within the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences. Webpages will be updated and reformatted by the interns, who will work alongside staff and students to enhance the content to represent the range of topics and projects that are current and complete. The internship is open to all Newcastle University students.

NCL Internship – Kinewell Energy

Closing date: 20/03/2023

Duration: This internship will run for 140 hours during the Easter vacation.

Bursary/wage: £1400 Bursary

For more information and to apply, visit MyCareer (link).

Kinewell Energy is looking for interns to support recently awarded projects such as the Technology, Innovation and Green Growth for Offshore Renewables (TIGGOR) programme. This project will accelerate innovative technology concepts in key areas of operations and maintenance for offshore wind, including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), digital twins, cable arrays and sensors. Due to the large scope of the projects Kinewell Energy is looking for applicants with a variety of different skill sets. This internship is preferably for students studying a STEM based degree.

NCL Internship – Engineering Planning Department Intern, Komatsu UK

Closing date: 27/03/2023

Duration: This internship will run for 450 hours undertaken during the summer vacation as such this internship is open to UG students only.

Bursary/wage: £4,500 Bursary

For more information and to apply, visit MyCareer (link).

Komatsu UK (KUK) designs, manufactures, and sells medium-sized hydraulic excavators (20 tonnes to 70 tonnes) mainly for the European market. The internship will involve working as part of the Planning team to progress new model introduction documentation, provide production support to our Manufacturing Departments and gain an understanding of cost reduction activities. This internship is ideally for a Year 2 or 3 Engineering or Computer science degree and has excel macro knowledge.

Placement year at Baker Hughes, Cramlington

Baker Hughes, who have taken our students for a number of years have an open internship at their Cramlington office (this is in South-East Northumberland and is not that far from Newcastle).

The link for candidates to apply is : The headline location is Aberdeen, but the text refers to positions across the UK. The intern would be involved in cloud-based application development on AWS using a variety of technologies – it would be a continuation of the project on of our current placement students there has been working on.