Corporate Jargon

We would like to have your views on how you use company reports. We are interested in hearing from individuals in firms involved in corporate investment analysis and/or in designing investment tools for decision making. This is because these firms either use or would potentially use textual communications in company reports for investment decisions. 

This research project aims to understand how narratives and jargon in company communications affects investment decisions. Investigating questions such as: who uses corporate narratives for investment decisions and how is it used; is jargon a known barrier that users will price as an investment risk or is it an invisible barrier that creates opportunistic advantages; are there advantages in identifying attributes of complex communication and incorporating these into financial analysis models. 

By taking part in this survey, you will consent to being part of this research. Your data is anonymised and confidential, you can withdraw consent at any point in the research process. Your participation will help inform future investment algorithms on the role of complex narratives for investment decisions. We will be happy to share the findings with you and your organisation. 

The survey consists of 23 straightforward questions, which will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Please click on the link below to complete the survey:

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