An incredible day and night

Today was the best day yet – the most beautiful sunny day with blue skies, incredible to think I am in Antarctica and can get weather like it was today! Steve, Tamara and I had a very successful coring campaign in the morning, followed by a walk after lunch across the tres hermanos moraine to look at stranger point, spotting seals in the lagoons, enjoying a fantastic view across to Fildes peninsula, also seeing the whole of the Nelson Island glacier and as far as Livingstone island, majestic white peaks in the distance. We could also see the Antarctic peninsula! The views were incredible, the glaciers so white and the sky so blue. We also spotted a ship heading for the peninsula with a whale playing in the sea nearby. And to end the most perfect Antarctic weather yet, the wonderful sunny day was followed by the most amazing sunset. We also had a group of penguin visitors (six gentoo ad two adelie) and I sat with them while the sun went down, being accepted into their group so they didn’t even notice I was there. The sky was an amazing array of oranges and reds I didn’t want to leave but finally went inside at 11pm only because I was starting to freeze and needed to warm up. I was told today was very unusual for King George Island weather and visibility and we were extremely lucky to have experienced such an amazing day.

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