Looking for big rocks

Today our fieldwork consisted of searching for rocks that might be suitable for cosmogenic isotope dating to help use better determine the timing of previous glaciations in the Jubany area. This involved a nice walk venturing our furthest yet across towards the refugio the other side of tres hermanos and the peninsula, taking in new bits of scenery.

Being a Saturday it was pizza night. But also with hotdogs this week too! And there was a triple celebration for this weeks birthdays – Anne, Cristian (mechanic) and Louis the base commander. That meant three cakes, plus the extra one that Nina made. In addition, two Polish scientists, Adam and Chris, had walked for four hours across the glacier to join us today. They are working at the Polish Arctowski base and met the rest of the Dallmann crew on the Polar Pioneer and combined their scientific visit and discussions with us with a social visit to help Anne celebrate her birthday.

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