Cape Geddes, Laurie Island, South Orkneys

This morning I awoke to blue sunny skies and a super calm sea dotted with giant icebergs. We arrived at Laurie Island where the chinstrap penguin tagging group (two people for six weeks) were being dropped off at Cape Geddes, no more than a small green hut by the shore. There was a lot of sea ice and the Humbers were used to find a route in. It wasn’t easy and took a bit of searching for a gap in the ice but they got there eventually. This one hut base (aka refuge/bird hide) is set in the most amazing and isolated location, and is now thought to be over-run with penguins and/or seals so a tent was also being taken as the potential accommodation state of the hut is not known. It is also used sometimes by the Argentinians from Orcadas base as a bird hide and refuge and Martin from Jubany had spent time here and told me how beautiful the site is. Having seen it I totally agree. It sits in isolation at the end of what is otherwise a picturesque and mountainous island covered in glaciers trailing down to the sea, which is itself littered with huge chunks of ice. The kind of setting you usually only see on wildlife documentaries. I cannot believe I am here.
Once the Geddes team were safely on shore we headed back to Signy in calm seas where we anchored for the night. I was hoping I would get a good nights sleep but, ironically, I woke several times almost missing and waiting for the rocking that I have become used to.

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