The Antarctic Convergence and rougher waters

Another day at sea. I have been excited about passing the Antarctic convergence and have been keeping an eye on the sea temperature via regular visits to the bridge and noticed sea temperatures rising from about 3.5 to 7.5 degrees C. We are now in warmer waters, the mist has cleared and visibility is good again, and I feel almost sad to have left our cold, Antarctic conditions behind. We are now also into rougher waters and experienced gale force nine (pushing ten) but that didn’t stop us having the end of science project party. I have been so lucky not to have experienced any sea sickness on this trip (problems with balance but that’s all) and it was rather surreal having a gin and tonic networking and celebrating with the scientists whilst clutching onto anything and everything that was available to stop falling over. It was too rough so we weren’t allowed to go out on deck but I went up to the bridge several times to remind myself where the horizon was and to get some fresh air and marvel at the waves breaking over the bow.

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