EPIC is a HaSS* Faculty-funded project that aims to make the experience of new Linguistics and English Language students at Newcastle the best it can be, no matter what your background is.

Your first days and weeks at University can be a real blur of new information and experiences, and sometimes it feels like other people ‘get it’ or understand what’s going on quicker than you do. Often, this will be because they have parents, siblings or friends who have been through the university experience before, so they’re already familiar with some of the jargon and the systems.

EPIC is here to level that playing field. Staff and current students are working together to identify information and processes that can be opaque for new students. Once we’ve done this, we’ll be creating videos and other online resources to help you navigate your university degree with confidence and clarity.

While you wait to find out what we create, here’s the project team:

Dr Christine Cuskley, Lecturer in Language and Cognition
Dr Heike Pichler, Senior Lecturer in Variationist Sociolinguistics
Dr Rebecca Woods, Lecturer in Language and Cognition
Dr Johannes Heim, Lecturer in Linguistics (now at University of Aberdeen)

And our student interns:

Avika Sharma, Ruizhe Hu, Jess Barber and Harrison Donnelly.

*Humanities and Social Sciences – the grouping of schools and departments that teach humanities and social sciences subjects…like ours!