2022 Master’s Dissertation Prize for Gender Studies

The GRG is pleased to announce the 2022 Master’s Dissertation Prize for Gender Studies, open to all Newcastle University students.

To enter, submit a single-spaced PDF document with:

  • Dissertation title
  • Student name
  • Degree title
  • Dissertation supervisor name(s)
  • School
  • Newcastle & non-Newcastle email addresses
  • 150-word statement of the significance of the dissertation topic to the field of Gender Studies (in any discipline)
  • 500-word dissertation summary/abstract
  • 100-word supporting statement from the supervisor(s), which speaks to the dissertation’s high academic standards, the contribution it makes to its respective field, and confirmation of the dissertation being completed in 2022

Submitted to stacy.gilliis@ncl.ac.uk by Friday, October 21st 2022 (5PM GMT)

This document should not be more than 3 pages in length. Late applications will not be considered.

This is a competitive award, and it is expected that submissions will be Distinction-level work, and will be making innovative and dynamic contributions to the wide field of gender studies.

The applications will be reviewed by a panel, and the top six entries will be requested to submit the full dissertation (in PDF) for consideration by a panel. The prize will be announced in the spring term.

The GRG understands the field of Gender Studies to be broad and diverse; any dissertation topic which is engaged with gender, sex, sexuality, studies of the body, and/or intersections between these (from any discipline, and from any period of study) is welcome.

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