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The HEG Discussion Paper series

by Yemi Oluboyede & Heather Brown

The Health Economics Group Discussion Paper (DP) series was launched in September 2015 to showcase the work of the group and gain web exposure for work in progress. We are involved in a wide range of projects from systematic reviews, qualitative interviews, economic evaluations alongside clinical trials, and applied econometric work using existing datasets. All members of the health economics group including students affiliated with the group are encouraged to submit work and are supported throughout the writing process. All papers are internally peer reviewed by at least two members of staff.

Currently there are three working papers in the series. We have one paper by Eduardo Gonzalo Almorox on a queuing model for dispatched ambulances, one paper by Tara Homer and colleagues on results from a trial on urinary incontinence, and one by Sarah Hill and colleagues on a rapid review of contingent valuation in older and younger populations. Current papers can be found here If you have any questions about any of the work the best thing to do would be to get in touch with the author. All contact information can be found in the paper

Ultimately it is intended that the papers will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals for publication. The working paper series will only reflect papers that are a work in progress and final versions of the paper can be found on individual researcher’s webpage. If you would like to submit a working paper then please get in touch with either Heather Brown:  or Yemi Oluboyede: