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How to install LaTeX software. Please note that you have to install two “sub-softwares”:

a) the compiler –> the software (set of programs) that transforms into binary language the text we want to write.

b) the editor –> the software where we will write our text.

The compiler:

The most common compiler is Miktex ( ). Download it (Click the ‘download’  tab) and a .exe file will download. It will query to set an installation directory (up to you), to consider A4 papers and install the missing packages (these will consider groups of functions that enable to make things in your document) and some additional info.

Once you click start the basic installer should start downloading. It takes some minutes (10 minutes +)….so be patient!


There are several but texStudio ( ) is quite comprehensive.  Follow the instructions (like setting language settings to ‘English’). Again, this takes time to download (~10 mins). Once this is done – you will be able to open TeXstudio and it looks a lot like Stata.


R to LaTeX

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