Hello world!

I am Helen Adamson, ecologist, lecturer, degree program director for MSc Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management, senior tutor, contact for students wanting to study abroad. I work with the environmental science, agriculture, food marketing, agri-business, countryside managers, rural studies, animal science and earth science students in the School of Natural and Environmental Science, Newcastle Uni.

I love: bogs and moors and moss and grass and experiments and data – and working with students.

I don’t love: it when students ask me a question by email that I have posted on BlackBoard and said in a lecture.

I also enjoy: trying to play the fiddle, turning cartwheels, live streamings at our cinema and doing stuff with Church.

On this blog I’m planning to track some of the brilliant and fun things our students get up to while they are learning. And maybe one or two other things that cross my mind.

Slightly bedraggled, but happy


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