Bird ID course

An astonishingly wonderful and fun week with excellent tutors, Prof Mark Whittingham and Tom Cadwallender. Trips to the tranquil NWT Hauxley to see the wildfowl, to theĀ  Farnes Islands to see the busy, busy seabirds. I twitched with the experts for the first time in my life, and caught the buzz for the Baikal Teal and the Gargeny. The day I missed for an exam moderation board, they caught and ringed a Kingfisher. Wow!

But best of all – was the trip to the moor where we saw this absolutely magical golden plover with her chick. That is a life highlight. The chick sadly disappeared from the scope by the time I looked, but I’m sure a saw a yellow blob that must have been the chick. So thanks so much Ian Cole for allowing me to use your beautiful photo.

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