Hushed while surveying bare peat sites

On top of the world between Teesdale and Weardale collecting data in collaboration with┬áthe North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership. Phil’s dissertation is investigating the effect of management techniques on the revegetation of bare peat: brash spreading, Sphagnum and Eriophorum plugs, stone dams, coir rolls.

This shows the coir rolls, stone dams and brash

Phil is looking at the vegetated site, the photo looks south towards Teesdale

This photo looks nouth. If you zoom in onto the hillside in the distance you will see an orange flash. Phil thought the hill was on fire, I thought there was an invasion by a Whoverian orange fungus – then we remembered about Hush …

Hush is the art installation created by Steve Messam commissioned by the AONB. I was lucky enough to catch Steve’s presentation and visit the site during its short life between 19th July and 4th August 2019.

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