Tribute to Tracy Evans

Most of my posts reflect fun things we have done or celebrate student achievements. This is the saddest post I have written; Tracy left this world on 31st October 2021… I am nevertheless also celebrating a student achievement.

Tracy joined the MSc in Conservation and Ecosystem Mangement Course in Jan 2021, a transfer from Museum Studies when she realised she had chosen the wrong degree. She quickly became a valued member of our group, albeit predominantly on zoom, ever ready with an intelligent and engaging contribution in a seminar.

When we were eventually allowed to go out into the field, she was as excited, happy and engaged as we all were – enjoying learning about the habitats, ecosystems, soils, plants, methods … I think that is evident from the photos below

She started on her dissertation, working with the Game and Wildlife Conservancy Trust, dissertation supervisor Dr Dave George and technician Fiona Maclachlan to collect pollinator data from farms through the north of England. Because of her high organisation skills and meticulous approach to data recording and entry, the data are complete and ready to be analysed. High praise received from the GWCT and Dave.

Fiona and I met with her a few weeks ago to heroically work through tea and cake at a wonderful cafe and have a gentle walk along the beautiful beach at Cresswell. Was such a beautiful day, I regret no photo from the beach – but I promise it was Northumberland at its best with sea, sand and dunes!

Tracy was a trooper. I feel so privileged to have shared the last few months of her life. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

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  1. What an amazing women and I am so proud to be the only person to call her mam. She spoke so highly of all at university and was so passionate about what she was doing.

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