Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding the accessibility of the conference and its venues.

If the information you are looking for isn’t covered below, then please feel free to get in touch with the conference organisers at and we will do our best to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Travel Information/Getting Here.

Are there disabled parking spaces nearby? 

Whilst the university does have on-site disabled parking bays available, these have unfortunately all been booked up ahead of time.

If you are driving to the conference, there are a number of public parking options located less than half a mile away from the campus. The closest NCP car parks to the campus are:

  • John Dobson Street (NE1 8HL)
  • New Bridge Street (NE1 8AB)
  • Carliol Square (NE1 6UL)
How close is the venue to public transport? 

The Newcastle University campus is very conveniently located to a variety of public transport services. The Metro line, which covers most of the Tyne & Wear area (including Central Station and the Airport), stops opposite the Kings Gate campus at Haymarket.

Metro maps can be found here:

The main bus station for the city is also located opposite the university campus and we are located a mile away from Central Station.

For more information about the Metro and Bus services, please visit the Nexus Website:

The Venue.

Are the doors heavy to open?

The main entrance to Culture Lab is operated by electronic doors that are fully accessible to wheelchair users and the venue itself is accessible directly from the street, although this is on a slight incline. Please note there is also a small step (approximately an inch high) before the first set of doors to Culture Lab.

A map of the University campus, including its accessible entrances can be found here:

Is there a lift/are there handrails on the stairs?

There is a lift in Culture Lab, located at the entrance to the building just after the first door and before the second set of electronic doors.

Whilst the stairs do have handrails, the stairs themselves are ballroom-style and so may not be appropriate for users with accessibility issues.

Is there a hearing aid loop system?

Unfortunately the Culture Lab does not have the capacity to provide a hearing aid loop system at this time.

What toilet facilities are there?

There are accessible toilets located on every floor of the Culture Lab building.

The ground floor also contains individually locked toilet facilities that are usable as gender-neutral facilities.

The Conference.

Can you provide a BSL interpreter?

Unfortunately we cannot provide a BSL interpreter at this event.

are there regular breaks?

Breaks will be scheduled throughout the conference, including coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon and a one-hour lunch break.

are any materials you distribute be in an easy-to read format?

Copies of the conference programme will be available upon registration, including some in large font.

do you have the capacity to produce materials in braille?

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to produce materials in braille at  this time.

is food provided? if so, what kind of food?

Lunch will be provided on July 4th and a dinner will also be organised for the evening of July 3rd.

Delegates with particular food requirements or allergies are encouraged to get in touch with us at so we can accommodate your dietary requirements.