#ibuild Symposium on Urban Integration 2014 Sheffield

In early March Richard Dawson and Oliver Heidrich co-organised the Urban Integration Symposium at Sheffield. They presented the outcomes of the COST Action TU0902. Some 80 delegates took part in the symposium and 6 sessions were held covering for example: : decision making and governance; green Infrastructure, integrated assessment, climate change strategies in cities, urban transitions and smart cities. Keynotes on urban metabolism, architecture, IT and European Strategies were delivered by Christopher Kennedy from Toronto University (Canada), Christoph Reinhart from the MIT Sustainable Design Lab (USA), Reinhard König from ETH Zürich (Switzerland) and Wolfgang Streitenberger from Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (European Commission, Belgium).

For more information on the Symposium see https://blogs.shu.ac.uk/urbanintegration2014 or email Richard.Dawson@ncl.ac.uk or Oliver.Heidrich@ncl.ac.uk

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