International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure

“Can we imagine resilient infrastructure systems that can meet the needs of twice today’s population with half today’s resources while providing better liveability for all?”

That is the grand challenge faced by the 2014 International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure (ISNGI) and is concerned with all types of infrastructure (such as transport, energy, water, waste, telecommunications, housing, social infrastructure, and green infrastructure) and the web of interdependencies and interconnections that collectively make up the physical, economic and social systems of cities and regions, and that in many ways dictate our lifestyles.

The call for papers is now open. We are specifically interested in receiving contributions from a genuine systems perspective that extends beyond the traditional disciplinary and sectoral perspectives in academic infrastructure research.

This year’s event will be held on 29 September and 1 October at Laxenburg Palace in Vienna, Austria.

More detail on the overarching themes of the symposia and how to submit your papers can be found at

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