Grouper upgrade

In December 2015, we upgraded our Grouper installation to the latest stable version. (For the uninitiated, Grouper is the software at the heart of NUIT’s group management service.)

The upgrade had been a long time coming. It had been talked about many times but had never quite managed to get to the top of the priority list. This is mainly due to the rapid expansion in demand for the institutional data feed service, which has taken up a significant proportion of our time and efforts over the last couple of years, but also because the group management service has been very stable and reliable and carried out its function quietly and competently.

The new version of Grouper has a few significant differences to the version we were running: most obvious is the new dashboard-based user interface but there are also a few other nice new features.

Shortly prior to the upgrade, we held a couple of captivating and enlightening demo sessions to highlight these differences to existing Grouper users. If you were unable to attend (or if you did attend and would like to relive the joy of the invigorating presentation), it’s now available on ReCap.

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