Happy New Year everyone. A New Year and a new team for us! The Information Systems and Services (ISS) function of Newcastle University has recently been restructured and The Windows Infrastructure Team (who, amongst many, many other things, have written this blog for the past couple of years) have now merged with the Unix Infrastructure Team to become the Infrastructure Systems Group…. Not sure what will become of our blog over coming months but whilst it’s still here, I thought I’d go ahead and make the first posting of 2011 anyway.

Back in July last year I wrote a post about Dynamic Driver Provisioning via WDS: https://blogs.ncl.ac.uk/blogs/index.php/wit/2010/07/16/title_405

We’ve now been running with DDP for supplying drivers to Windows 7 builds for quite a while and this has, so far, been working extremely well without any issues or conflicts. Whilst doing a little New Year’s cleanup, I realised that the setup notes I posted with the above had a couple of syntax errors in them, so I thought I’d post them again with corrections. I see a lot of questions about WDS driver provisioning in various forums and hope that my notes can be of use to others who are setting up WDS servers. My amended notes are linked from the original post and are also linked here:WDS How To – deploy drivers

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