From ISG to the World

After a while of only being available internally, the new Infrastructure Systems Group blog is now available to the world at large on (if you were using the internal wordpress URL, you might want to update your RSS reader).

If you are just finding this blog for the first time, this is what you can expect…

  • Our group manages both Windows and Unix/Linux infrastructure, so we will have cross-platform posts.
  • Some of our content will be specific to our systems at Newcastle University, but the majority should be relevant to other organisations.
  • We are currently in the process of migrating some services to Office 365 – we’ll be reporting on that progress in quite a bit of detail, to aid others doing the same later.
  • There’s a lot of legacy content here that was from the old Windows Infrastructure Team blog. Some of that may have been slightly more partisan, OS-wise – sorry about that 😉
  • While we are very serious about the systems we run, we are not without humour, so there may be some of that too!

We hope you find our posts interesting and we look forward to your comments.

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Windows Server infrastructure administrator at Newcastle University since 1999. Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management (& previously for PowerShell). Member of the Microsoft Technical Community Council. Co-founder of the NEBytes user group. @jonoble on Twitter.

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