The Labour and Society Research Group (LSRG) was established in 2009 by academics from Newcastle University and Northumbria University. It is a multidisciplinary forum of scholars who share an interest in the histories, sociologies and geographies of labour.

Our inclusive and dynamic group are concerned with new and established directions in labour history, including, but not restricted to:

  • Oral history
  • Biography
  • Labour subjectivities (the senses, emotions, cognition, and memory)
  • Place, the state, and transnationalism
  • Ideas and political theory (socialism, nationalism, religion)
  • Labour institutions (press, trade unions, parties, cooperatives)
  • Labour and the everyday (class, race, gender, death, work, and leisure)
  • Labour and social theory
  • Labour, contentious politics, and social movement theory

We are always open to inter- and multi-disciplinary collaborations within and beyond the university. The group has contributed to major collaborative publications, with special issues of Labour History Review on unemployment (2007) and bombing (2011).