Science in the Media

Science is a prominent topic that our traditional media outlets as well as newer platforms such as blogs frequently discuss. Here we provide you with a number of articles from the BBC News – Health website as examples of Science in the news.

When reading through these articles consider these discussion points with respect to biomarkers:

1) Is the topic being discussed a candidate biomarker?

2) Could the location of the biomarker be as important as the ability to define if it is present?

3) If we identify a biomarker is there the opportunity to use it for any other reason?

A really visual look at some human diseases.

Hidden Beauty: Diseases become art under a microscope:

These are two articles on a debate about the importance of using antibiotics to treat infectious diseases.

Battling the bacterial threat to modern medicine:

Antibiotics resistance ‘as big a risk as terrorism’ – medical chief:

Finally an interesting example of science innovation.

The light fantastic: Harnessing Nature’s glow:

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