It’s taken a little while to get our internet access sorted. Now we’re online we’ll try and post every day during the excavations.

We had a long and hot journey down to Somerset in the minibus and a nice meal in the Camelot (South Cadbury) after arrival.

We spent Saturday and Sunday setting up camp and getting organised for the the excavation. There was lots of digging gear being moved to site (the tent, shovels, and all the sundry items needed to run a dig)  and a visit for a very big shop to a local supermarket. We bought plenty of food including the world’s supply of chickpeas.


Home Sweet Home © The Lufton Project

We also went to the top of Cadbury Castle and explored the hillfort. It’s an amazing site and would have been an important local centre during the Iron Age. The view across to Glastonbury always looks lovely.


Glastonbury Tor from Cadbury Castle © The Lufton Project

There was a bit of drama on Sunday night when Adam was taken ill. Unfortunately he’s had to head back to Blyth. Possibly Sunderland supporters are allergic to Yeovil

The team all looked forward to getting on site and starting work on Monday morning.





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