Week 2 – Friday

What an incredible end to the week!

We were lucky enough to welcome the local MP for Yeovil and Minister of State for Schools, David Laws to site this morning for a tour of the trenches and for an opportunity to meet the team and handle some of our finds.


James showing the Rt Hon David Laws around site © The Lufton Project

In trench B Cubby and Dave started by recording and drawing their Roman ditch while Pete excavated a linear feature in which he found some flint. Cubby later helped him sieve the soil from his ditch in a bid to uncover more finds.

Andy, James and Johanna started excavating what they thought was the continuation of the Iron Age ditch found at the south-eastern edge of trench B and the north western edge of trench C, but it turned out to be a bit of a head-scratcher… They’ll hopefully be able to determine what it is tomorrow during the Open Day.

Over in trench C, Lucy and El finished planning the ditch and found two new linears containing some pottery.

To the south of the girls, Dave and James discovered a new linear which also contained some Black Burnished Ware and Grey Ware  while Georgia recorded and planned her  ditch in the southern edge of trench C.

Danni dug out the rest of her beam slot and discovered a complicated feature underlying it – but the real excitement of the day came five minutes before the end of the day when she discovered a copper Roman brooch pin! The whole team were over the moon and couldn’t quite believe what a great end to the week they had had.


Danni's Roman brooch pin © The Lufton Project

Time for some well-deserved drinks and barbecue!



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