Week 3 – Monday

After a wet weekend, the team started the last week of excavation by sponging out their features and clearing up the soaked clay that had disguised a lot of the archaeology.

In trench B Cubby inherited Lucy’s prehistoric feature – fondly known as Moby Dick because of its white, blobby appearance – while Johanna, Lucy and Andy finished excavating the Iron Age ditch at the western edge of the trench. The girls then recorded and drew the whole 15m expanse of the linear, finishing just in time for the rain! James and Andy also excavated the Roman ditch in the north-western edge of the trench and uncovered a bit of pottery.


Lucy mattocking out the bottom of the Iron Age ditch in trench B © The Lufton Project

Over in trench C Danni continued working on her linear feature, which is looking less like a beamslot… Pete and Mary have discovered that the feature extends much further north than previously thought. Meanwhile Georgia and James excavated Danni’s ditch and planned it. Dave and El excavated and planned another linear ditch that had been uncovered by the rain, and t. It looks like trench C is shaping up to be quite complicated so the team will most likely be concentrating all its efforts there before we start back-filling on Thursday.


James, Mary and Pete discussing the beam slot in trench C © The Lufton Project

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