Last day of digging!

Today was our last day of digging on site – and it is fair to say that there were lots of mixed feelings by the end of the afternoon.

The aim of today was to finish off the last bits of recording and excavation in both trenches and get them photo-ready.


The team in trench C at the end of a long three weeks © The Lufton Project

In trench B Cubby and Johanna mattocked out a linear feature that was uncovered in yesterday’s trowel-back after the rain. They found some flint and a little pottery before setting about planning and recording it – all before lunch!


Johanna busy recording © The Lufton Project

In trench C Lucy, James and Andy took out the second half of the Iron Age work. Lucy did some sturdy work and uncovered the rest of an Iron Age  fired-clay oven plate  similar to those found at Maiden Castle in Dorset just as Professor Niall Sharples, of Cardiff University, took some time out of his busy day of digging at Ham Hill, in conjunction with the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, to pay us all a visit. Meanwhile Pete and Dave discovered that Danni’s linear split in to two linears – just what we needed in the last day! Georgia and Andy did some surveying and helped out around site with the recording and trowelling of trench C.


James and Andy showing Prof. Sharples around site © The Lufton Project

None of us can believe that tomorrow all our hard work will disappear under tonnes of soil as we start tying up loose ends and tidying up our site…


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