Wk 2 Day 4

Thursday got off to a subdued start because Bill has had to return home unexpectedly. We’ll miss Bill’s sieving, sense of humour and keen eye for a latte shop.

Excavation continued apace in Trench B. James G, Kimberley and Ollie began excavating a second slot across what we hope is the line of the holloway. This was hard, hot work but we removed a grey deposit to find a number of other contexts below. Hopefully these will turn out to be ditch or holloway fills….

In the centre of the trench Andy and Jess dug what is probably going to be a large pit. It is so far findless but the fills contain above normal (for this site) amounts of charcoal.

Flora and Sue continued to excavate and record another shallow pit. This has produced some large bits of medieval pottery,

In Trench A Lucy, Hayley, Elliot and Mary began to resolve a dark patch first identified by Pete last week.

Home, in a state of near exhaustion, for a nice chilli prepared by The Saint (James SA) and Chris. The evening was rounded off by a relaxed visit to the Mason’s Arms.

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